THE BEGINNING / by Soraya Majd

It is a strange thing to begin a blog in the midst of a creative standstill. I mean, this past year could be characterized by silence, I still quietly developed stuffs, quietly, but it was still work. These past few months though, they have been an absolute void. A void that I am a little afraid I am growing too comfortable with, where for the few times I have actually picked up my camera the pictures still lay latent in their digital files, comfortably unseen.

But maybe it isn't necessarily a bad thing, despite our current digital society's overwhelming need for constant production/consumption/reproduction. Goddamn loud digital times with it's quick turn around, rapid digestion, and aggressive search for more. It leaves me with a strange guilt that in these silent months that I am a failing artist, I mean with nothing to throw out there for likes, comments, and the approval of strangers, what am I anchored on? Surely the tide of constant feed updates of others will drag me out to sea and drown my short, unproductive career in the sea of the silent ones. [End dramatic rant]

Really though, that guilt is real. But I don't think it is based in a place that nourishes growth. Growth takes time. I just have a hard time with the growing part. So I guess this might be a way to lean into it, the quiet growing, a way to harness this silence into visual proof that I am still here.

So here is to starting from right here, from right where I am.